Another Source was founded in 2010 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan journal dedicated to giving a voice to those directly impacted by violent conflict.

The first-person narratives on this site offer a rare unfiltered perspective of the combat veteran, the trauma survivor and the grieving comrade. Authors discuss their survival of war, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual assault and unemployment with soul-baring candor. For many, it is a cathartic experience. For everyone, including the reader, it's an opportunity to share something important.

As more U.S. servicemen and women return from Iraq and Afghanistan, these personal, even intimate, stories are critical to society's awareness of the sacrifices of military service and the difficulties of readjustment for the combat veteran. Future contributions by veterans, their family members, refugees and others will continue to explore these and other themes in greater depth.

While much of the writing is undoubtedly grim, one can also find inspiration and solace here. "Survival" might be defined as escaping or recovering from calamity. But as many of the narratives in this series demonstrate, it can mean overcoming adversity and injustice, and finding peace after years of anguish.

The writing here comes from the heart, and it is exactly what the authors want to share with readers. This site is an uncensored forum for veterans and non-combatants to share their experiences and perspectives, and gives the reader Another Source to better understand the toll of war and the meaning of loss and recovery.

— Scott Mattoon, editor

How we work

Another Source partners with service providers and educators to create writing workshops where participants can work in a supportive environment. Individual meetings are occasionally arranged at other locations. Essays may also be submitted through e-mail.

Contributors may write about whatever they want, so long as it is non-fiction, falls within the mission of Another Source and is not libelous. Once a draft is submitted, the author and editor work collaboratively to bring the writing to professional standards.

Nothing is published until both the author and editor agree to all revisions and edits. Authors are allowed to publish under their real names, with pseudonyms or anonymously.

Submissions policy

Another Source accepts only original, unpublished material. There is no word limit, but published narratives have typically run from 600 to about 2000 words. Book manuscripts are not accepted.

Interested authors are encouraged to contact the editor before submitting any written work.

Photography notice

All photographs on this site are published with the permission of the artist or owner of the material, are public domain, or are courtesy of artists who share their work through Creative Commons or Copyleft licenses. Please refer to the credit lines of most photographs for links to their original sources and licenses.

Copyright notice

Visitors are encouraged to share the narratives found here. But please note that all original material on this site is copyright

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Written permission of the editor is required to publish any Another Source material in book, magazine or other print media.

The 12 narratives originally published as the Veterans Workshop series are copyright New America Media and appear on this site with the kind permission of the authors and New America Media.

Staying in touch

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In early 2009 Scott Mattoon, a former editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, created a series of writing workshops for military veterans in Northern California as a new project for the multimedia news organization New America Media. From Veterans Day 2009 until March 2010, New America Media published a dozen original essays by workshop participants that covered war, loss, service, trauma survival and post-combat readjustment. Throughout the life of the series, the Veterans Workshop narratives consistently ranked among the most popular stories on the NAM website.

In April 2010, Another Source was founded as an independent journal to continue working with veterans and other populations.

With gratitude to...

The Charles H. Stout Foundation, for its continued support of

The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, for its critical support during the creation of the original Veterans Workshop project

The San Francisco Study Center, for fiscal sponsorship and support

New America Media Executive Director Sandy Close, who conceived the original Veterans Workshop project

The Pathway Home, the Concord Vet Center, the VA Outpatient Clinic at Mare Island, Alliant University's Continuing Education program, Diablo Valley College and Sierra College's "Boots-to-Books" program for hosting past and present writing workshops.